Our university provides well-furnished and spacious classrooms, equipped with state-of-the-art teaching aids fostering highly interactive sessions for classroom teaching. Each classroom is thoughtfully designed with ample illumination, proper ventilation, and modern seating arrangements, ensuring an optimal learning environment.


The subjects of B.Sc Nursing primarily emphasize practical learning, which encompasses hands-on training in hospitals and laboratories as per the syllabus requirements. Recognizing this need, our institute has ensured the provision of an adequate number of well-equipped laboratories, furnished with modern equipment and instruments, specifically designed to facilitate learning in various nursing courses.

Hospital and Community

Krishna Medical Centre Perundurai, serving as the parent hospital facility of Bhavani College of Nursing, holds a pivotal role in offering invaluable practical training opportunities for nursing students. Additionally, our institution has established partnerships with community centers located in Bhavani GH and Anthiyur GH, further expanding the scope of hands-on learning experiences for our students. These collaborations ensure comprehensive practical exposure and enhance the overall nursing education provided by our college.


With a seating capacity of approximately 500 individuals, our auditorium offers an ideal venue for hosting large-scale events. It is well-equipped with an advanced audio-visual system, including high-quality speakers and projectors, ensuring an immersive experience for the audience. Moreover, the stage backdrop can be tailored to showcase branding or event-specific visuals, adding a personalized touch to the setting. The fully air-conditioned auditorium creates a comfortable environment for all attendees, enhancing their overall event experience.


The hostel rooms are thoughtfully furnished, providing students with a comfortable and pleasant stay. Modern amenities are available to cater to their needs, ensuring a convenient living environment. The safety of students is of utmost importance, which is why round-the-clock security measures are implemented within the hostel premises. The hostel mess offers nutritious and hygienic food, promoting the well-being of the students. Additionally, various facilities such as a study room, recreation room, pantry room, and sick room are provided to enhance the overall living experience and support the students' academic and personal well-being.


The college has a well-equipped sports complex with a variety of sports facilities, including volleyball court, throw ball court and badminton court. The college also has a sprawling playground where students can play outdoor sports. We also offer indoor game facilities for our students.

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Bhavani college of Nursing

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